Top 5 Reasons to Take Lessons at Telluride Ski and Ride School

We get it; school conjures up bad memories from your childhood so the thought of signing up for ski school when you’re on a dream vacation in Telluride seems counterintuitive. From real life on-the-slope experience here’s the Top Five most common reasons visitors should definitely consider a trip to ski school.

Minimize the pain of the learning curve. Professionally certified ski and snowboard instructors make learning easy and fun. They reduce fear, cut down on the number of black and blue marks and generally help increases the odds that your first day on the slopes isn’t also your first visit to the friendly medical professionals at Telluride Medical Clinic.

Minimize risk. Some folks just think being in a controlled learning environment makes them look dorky or otherwise somehow threatens their ego. As a baby, you didn’t just stand up and start walking one day. You didn’t learn to walk by yourself and the same is true for learning the basics of skiing and riding like how to manage speed and slide in control so as not to be a menace to yourself or others on the slope.

Preserve your relationship. Some people are faster learners than others but certainly by your 30s you should have learned the cardinal rule of relationships: do NOT, under any circumstance, try to teach someone you are in love with and with whom you would like to bask in the warmth of their love and adoration of you – how to do any sport, yet alone high consequence sports like skiing and snowboarding. Save your relationship, your pride and have more fun by taking a lesson from Telluride’s certified pros.

Instructors don’t just mean well, they teach well too. An adjunct to the above scenario: friends shouldn’t let other friends teach friends. We certified ski instructors get the aftermath of your ill-fated attempts to help a bro or sistah out. If and when they show up in our class, they are traumatized. We then have to try to de-escalate fear and unravel bad habits from technique, to common rules of the slope courtesy, and social conventions. The best thing you can do to share the stoke with your buddy is to make sure they sign up for ski and ride school lessons.

Kids improve faster. Telluride’s Ski and Ride School groups kids by age and ability from the littlest toddler Cubs to pre-teen Eagles. Shockingly, left to the devices of capable instructors, many kids will actually listen to their instructor, and through the magic of bonding with other kids their same age and ability, actually improve faster than they would under the protective eye of mom and dad.

For those who want to take the smarter approach to learning or perfecting ski and snowboard technique, Telluride Ski and Ride School has private and group lessons for all ages and abilities. Instructors are expert at skill drills, pacing, and terrain selection to ensure students get the most out of their lessons. Starting lesson times vary. Some programs fills up during peak weeks (Christmas/New Years and long weekend holidays) so advance reservations are recommended. Please call one of our Reservation Specialists at 877-450-8838 or to assist you.