Town vs. Mountain Village: What’s Best for You?

If you’ve never been to Telluride before, our little hamlet is actually divided into two distinct areas separated by a free (and fun!) gondola ride: town of Telluride and Mountain Village. We manage gorgeous properties in both of these areas, each with their own advantages and perks. Trying to decide where to stay? Take this brief quiz to help narrow down what area would be best for you and your group during your Telluride vacation.

1. Is your dream house…

a) A more private log-cabin style home with space to spread out

b) A charming, historic home with loads of character

2. What’s most important to you while you’re visiting Telluride?

a) Get first tracks and ski until the lifts close every single day

b) Enjoy the fine dining and festive nightlife

3. If you’re bringing kids to ski, how old are they?

a) 1-8 years old

b) 9-14 years old

4. During your ski vacation, do you prefer to…

a)  Ski out your rental property’s back door onto the run

b) Grab coffee in town and meander over to the Gondola or Chair  7

5. At night, will you be…

a) Hunkering down with your family for movie night

b) Bar hopping downtown until 1 a.m.

If you chose mostly answer a, it seems like Mountain Village would be the best fit for you. If you chose mostly answer b, we’d recommend booking a property in town. Mountain Village is incredibly convenient, especially with younger children, in the winter time.  We have many ski-in/ski-out properties which makes skiing with little ones as easy as possible. No carrying skis, no gondola ride. However, the town of Telluride comes alive at night. If you envision yourself staying out late until the bars close, town is probably your best bet. The gondola closes at midnight and it’s nearly impossible to get back up to Mountain Village after hours.

Either way, you can’t go wrong with booking a vacation in Telluride or Mountain Village. There are die-hard Mountain Village vacationers and there are also others who will only stay in town.  Trust us, you’re going to have an amazing experience either way. Please let us know what you plan on doing while you are here and the various ages of your group. We’re happy to help you find the perfect property to suit your wishes while you are on vacation!