Rocky Mountain High: A Visitor’s Guide to Legal Weed

As of  January 1, 2014, anyone over the age of 21 can legally purchase and consume marijuana in the state of Colorado. Telluride has four dispensaries where you can peruse various strains of cannabis in addition to edibles, including baked goods and potent candies. From a local’s perspective, not much has really changed since the weed stores opened their doors to the public. The stores’ presence haven’t much affected the overall atmosphere of Telluride, but rather added another layer of tourism to our tiny town.

Here’s the skinny about legal weed in Telluride:

How much can I purchase and where can I smoke it?

Colorado citizens can purchase an ounce at a time and visitors can buy a quarter ounce. However, you can make multiple purchases per day as long as you don’t exceed the possession limit (an ounce for both locals and out of state visitors.) Keep in mind that public consumption still remains illegal and all of Latitude 38’s rental properties are non-smoking.

Can I get a DUI while driving high?

Yes, yes and YES! First of all, Telluride is very much a walking town, so there’s very little need to get behind the wheel. Colorado has an “express consent” law which means that once you step into the driver’s seat, you agree to a chemical blood test. If an officer has reason to believe you are high, they will require a blood test to determine the level of THC. Colorado has recently launched a new campaign against “drugged driving.” In a nutshell, do not drive if you’ve smoked or consumed any form of cannabis.

Can I take weed home with me if I live outside of Colorado?

Absolutely not. No weed can cross state lines and you’re asking for serious trouble if you try to sneak some home. Border patrol has greatly increased in surrounding states at TSA is on heightened alert at Colorado airports. However, if you forget to get rid of it before you show up at the airport, many airports have “amnesty boxes” where you can drop your weed before you go through security.

What’s up with the edible candies? How much should I eat?

The vast selection of cannabis edibles are appealing to many, especially those who don’t like the idea of smoking. However, we cannot express just how potent these candies can be. While it’s not technically possible to overdose on marijuana, ingesting too many edibles can lead you to a panicked state, possibly ending in a visit to the ER. Follow these 10 commandments of marijuana edible safety.

Where can I buy legal weed in Telluride?

As mentioned above, Telluride has four different dispensaries. All of these stores are located in the downtown core.

1) Alpine Wellness

2) Telluride Bud Company

3) Telluride Green Room

4) Delilah

If you have any other questions about the consumption of legal cannabis in Colorado, please don’t hesitate to ask. We encourage you to use common sense while enjoying recreational weed.