Telluride Top 5: Best Places to Read a Book

We all know and love Telluride for its endless opportunities for adventure. However, it’s important to remember that you are on vacation and should relax! When was the last time you took the time out of your day to read a good book? We encourage you to kick back while you are here, put your phone away and devour those words on the page! Take our advice by reading in one of these top summer spots in Telluride.

1) The Library

You’ve seen the bumper stickers that read “I came for the winter but I stayed for the library,” a play on another local saying about the draw of Telluride. But there’s a reason these stickers are so prevalent–because it’s true! Telluride’s Wilkinson Library serves as a multitude of functions: a gathering spot for events, a quiet retreat and most importantly, a seemingly endless source of fabulous books. Ask any of the librarians for personal recommendations and curl up in one of the many nooks to read.

2) River Trail

Are you seeking a peaceful spot to read while immersed in nature? Don’t want to walk too far? Head to the River Trail and snag one of the many benches situated on the San Miguel River. This is a fantastic spot to read a few chapters to the soundtrack of the babbling river without having to hike to a destination.

3) The Steaming Bean 

If you’re a coffee hound, you likely already know about the delectable brews at The Steaming Bean. Cozy up in one of the quirky chairs to read while sipping on the buzzy drink of your choice. Bonus: if you get caught up in your book and realize you haven’t eaten, the Bean has a killer menu of salads and sandwiches.

4) Top of Chair 7

Cruise up the gondola  to Station St. Sophia with a blanket and a book. Hop out at the top and walk over to the top of Chair 7 where the wedding ceremony site is set up during the summer. The views are spectacular and if you’ve skied here in the winter, you’ll enjoy seeing the ski runs as long green meadows instead of snowy chutes.

5) Between the Covers

Bibliophiles know that independent bookstores are a rare commodity these days, so you’ll be overjoyed to stumble into Between the Covers, a Telluride staple since 1974. They often host author events and have  cozy little coffee shop in the back of the store. Enjoy perusing the thousands of titles available for purchase and remember the importance of purchasing and supporting small shops like this.