Locals’ List: Favorite Summer Festival

During the summer here in Telluride, we’re always in the mood to celebrate.  Essentially almost every weekend in the summer, there’s a special festival that brings in crowds of happy revelers.  As locals, we’re lucky enough to attend many of the festivals. We’ve outlined our favorites for you in the post below. If you’re interested in attending one of the festivals and need a place to stay, we’d be happy to help!

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Andy: Mountainfilm is one of my favorites. I like the outdoorsy crowd it draws and the documentaries are always great. Plus it’s not crowded and the vibe is always low-key, unlike some other festivals.


Madison: There’s simply nothing better than Bluegrass! It’s what first brought me to Telluride, so this festival is especially meaningful to me. The weather is phenomenal, the crowd is family friendly and it seems like everyone has a permanent grin. Also, word to the wise: the dumplings are worth the wait!


Allison: I like to go big and buy a VIP ticket for Blues & Brews. This rowdy festival is a guaranteed good time (even if the weather’s not great). The lineup is always fun dance music  and it’s the ideal last hoorah before the fall and cooler weather. Fantastic way to end a fun-filled summer!


Lisa: For obvious reasons, the Wine Festival is one of the best festivals that our little town has to offer. It’s a fabulous weekend of sipping world-class wines and eating delicious food. The crowd is diverse and sophisticated and there various seminars on developing your palate and becoming a “better” wine drinker. What could be better than that?


Emily: The Mushroom Festival is one of my favorites, not only because there are a lot of people aimlessly walking around town with mushroom hats on but there are a variety of cooking classes and interesting workshops. This is a quintessential Telluride festival and all around good fun.


Dave: The best summer festival or celebration in Telluride is the 4th of July. Andy Cox and I helped found the Telluride Inner Tube Society which was a big hit last summer landing us 3rd place in the Parade. The fireworks are always incredible and my favorite annual activity, the slip and slide kickball game, is also hosted directly after the parade.


Kevin: The Ride is a relatively new, small festival that has a true local’s feel. The Ride has brought in a lot of new cool bands that have never played here before and it’s nice to see some different music come through this town. Plus, last year I ate the best thing to ever touch my lips–a spicy curried chicken burrito wrapped with soft, delicious naan bread. Yum!