Locals List: Favorite Brunch Dish

Kevin: The brunch menu at there… is diverse and delicious. I especially dig the pork belly. It’s more of a tapas menu, so order a few different plates and share them among your group.

there bar

Lisa: My favorite brunch is a Cliff Bar on the chair lift Sunday morning. After working in an office all week I don’t want to miss a weekend day of skiing. The blueberry crisp is yummy!

cliff bar

Levi: I always go for the trout salad at the New Sheridan Chop House. The spinach salad is served with pistachio encrusted trout, warm bacon vinaigrette and topped with a poached egg. Order a Bloody Mary to wash it all down–perfection!

trout salad

Lucas: Chicken fried chicken from Floradora is my personal favorite. I dig the crunchy breaded chicken contrasted by the soft biscuits and warm sausage gravy.

floradora inside

Andy: The Jojola omelette from Floradora is spicy and delicious. The omelette comes with bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers, chunks of Brie cheese and fresh guacamole.

Floradora sign

Allison: I prefer a simple Flatliner from the New Sheridan Chop House – no better way to start my day! If you’ve never had the chance to try a Flatliner, it’s an indulgent, creamy espresso martini.

Chop House

Meaghan: I love the brunch at the Sheridan Chop House. The eggs benedict are to die for and they sometimes have a crab benedict as a special! Yum. Paired with a mimosa is the way to go. On a warm summer or winter day, sit outside and people watch while you soak in some rays. Everybody needs their Vitamin D and C!

New sheridan eggs benedict telluride

Emily: Oak is where it’s at! Order  the bacon lettuce tomato wrap and ask them to add salmon….you MUST add the salmon!


Madison: The Butcher and the Baker is my favorite brunch spot–the Bloody Marys are phenomenal and I love their breakfast sandwiches. They’re always whipping up delectable specials too. Sitting outside is an added perk since my dogs can join me!