Tips for Planning a Multi-Family Vacation to Telluride, PART 1

Tips for Planning a Multi-Family Vacation, PART 1Tips for planning your next vacation to Telluride

We hope you enjoy the many tips and suggestions found in our three-part series on planning a multi-family vacation to Telluride. Part 1 focuses on assembling your planning team. In Part 2 we provide suggestions for online planning tools that make it easier to coordinate trips with group members scattered across the country or the world. Part 3 concludes with tips on how to get the most out of your time in Telluride.

Delegate planning duties. While everyone needs to be responsible for their own itineraries and personal special needs, to make the trip go more smoothly for all, designate a Trip Coordinator to orchestrate the master schedule, assign tasks and be a central point of contact. This approach helps diffuse and reduce confusion and frustration for all. Assemble a winning trip planning team modeled on the ‘80s hit TV series, the “Love Boat.”

Your Captain. Every group and multifamily trip can benefit from the leadership skills of a person with the same easy-going manner, confidence problem solving and mediating skills as the Love Boat’s Capt. Merrill Stubing.

Your Yeoman Purser. Help keep budgets and expenditures under control by appointing whoever in your group is most like the Love Boat’s affable purser and problem solver Burl “Gopher” Smith. Your group’s purser to help establish budget guidelines and figure out equitable expense sharing. One of the best approaches we’ve seen for shared expenses is to agree to an amount that everyone puts into the same “bank.” This bank can take the form of cash or preferably a debit card that is used for those expenses that are shared by the group. If the bank runs low, the purser can advise the group and more money can be added.

Your Meal Planner. On the Love Boat, the affable Isaac Washington was The Bartender. Your group may not need a designated bartender but if you plan to stock food and beverages, it’s handy to have someone who enjoys list making to help put the master shopping list together for staples. Shared meals can be more enjoyable for all if each family group takes a turn at planning, cooking and cleaning up a dinner. Give us your list and Latitude 38 will shop for guests prior to your arrival for $50 plus the invoice cost of groceries. Another shopping option is to request a 30-minute complimentary grocery stop on Mountain Limo services from Montrose Airport. Telluride Express offers a convenience stop up to an hour for those booking full private shuttles. Your group may also want to consider hiring a private chef who will shop, prepare, serve and clean up after meals or contract for catering with delicious local companies like Aemono or Chef Mark Krasic’s Zest.

Your Cruise Director. Once your group decides those events and entertainment options your group may want to participate in together, it can be handy to have a cheery Julie McCoy to help make and confirm reservations for activities like golf, biking or the via ferrata, dinners on the town, plays, movies, concerts and festivals. Depending on the size of your group, you could qualify for group discounts.

Your Ship’s Photographer. The advent of camera phones and mini handheld video cams means no one needs to be the full-time photographer like Ashley “Ace” Covington Evans was for Love Boat guests. Virtually all Latitude 38 properties feature modern electronics that enable you to play back the day’s photos and videos as you unwind before or after dinner. Many properties even boast state of the art media rooms that make sharing your images more like a trip to the movie theater especially if you remembered to include popcorn on your shopping list. Some of our favorite photo spots include the following: the views from the remote and majestic observation deck at the base of Revelation Bowl are jaw-dropping,

Helicopter Tour of Telluride Ski Resort

Bridal Veil Falls as seen on/from the gondola, in front of the plaque at the Mahr Building commemorating its place in history when it was the first bank ever robbed by Butch Cassidy, Colorado Avenue looking toward Ajax Peak or in summer, take a picture from the peak’s 12,785 foot summit. For special occasions or for professional on-slope action photos or private portrait sittings, connect with Elevation Imaging.

Your Ship’s Doctor. Unless you’re lucky enough to be traveling with a doctor as experienced as Dr. Adam “Doc” Bricker aboard the Love Boat, rest assured that in the unlikely event the need for medical attention arises, for a small remote mountain town, Telluride has some of the best medical practitioners ready to come to your aid at a moment’s notice. Our mountain elevation can take a toll on your vacation if you don’t acclimate. Help yourself by drinking LOTS of water throughout your stay but especially the first few days. If you still get altitude sickness symptoms, they can be relieved by calling Alpine Oxygen to rent or buy 10-liter continuous flow supplemental oxygen. For injuries and other unexpected illnesses, contact Telluride Medical Center that is also the only 24-hour emergency, Level 5 Trauma Care Center in the region. The clinic also houses the Institute for Altitude Medicine in conjunction with the University of Colorado. Headed by renowned high altitude mountaineer and physician Peter Hackett IFAM conducts research and provides clinical and educational services for high-altitude communities around the globe.