Latest Telluride (TEX) and Montrose (MTJ) Spring Flight Deals

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While the ski season is closing down there are still many markets offering good rates and often with only 7 days advance notice to Montrose/Telluride (MTJ). Check below for some sample cities/rates over the next couple of weeks!
DFW    $332        IAH $440     AUS $283     SAT $327     FLL $374
MCO    $382        MIA $419     NYC $400     BOS $378    PHL $360
WAS    $390
Remember…with wholesale rates guest(s) must have a lodging package booked. You can then either call or email the Telluride Air Concierge!

For dates that are full or close to full into Montrose/Telluride (MTJ) you might want to look at Grand Junction (GJT) or Durango (DRO) Below are some sample rates/markets for these airports:

DFW  $245     IAH $386     AUS $285     SAT $282     ATL $366
MCO $400      NYC $397   BOS $412     PHL $424     WAS $372
LAX  $324      SFO $377   SAN $338     ORD $396

We’re also looking to try to get lower Houston and West Coast Airfares so stay tuned…I’ll advise if we get this.

Don’t Forget:
Telluride Air Concierge is also available for inbound guests who are also booking lodging and they have access to private wholesale rates in addition to public retail rates…often the wholesale rates provide savings to your guests and can mean the difference between closing the booking or not.

Telluride Air Concierge – 1-866-850-5286 or email:  [email protected]

Note: All air specials presented depend on actual dates of travel and seat availability and other restrictions may apply. Usually sale fares will be limited as to number of seats at lowest price.

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