Last Minute Telluride Holiday Flight Deals

United Continental Airline Last Minute Holiday Deals Telluride

It’s Not Too Late…
For Some Decent Deals to Some Key Markets

Over pre-Xmas thru New Years! 

     Guests from some of our key markets are not out of luck for some good rates pre-Xmas & Xmas even though we’re inside 14 days…while these will be 1 plane change flights there are some rates below $300 for people originating from Dallas or Miami and under $450 for some of our NYC guests. As is normal actual rates will depend on actual dates of travel and seat availability at time of booking. The rates and dates below reflect checking on 12/13 at 12noon.

Dallas                 United/Continental has some great rates on flights via Houston or Denver to Montrose (1 Plane Change)
From $278!
Only seems to be the Dallas Market out of Texas (Miami also shows some good deals on United!)
Leave Dallas 12/15 – 12/24 except 12/17 & 12/18
Return to Dallas 12/22 – 12/29 except 12/23

NYC/LGA           United/Continental
From $440
Leave LGA 12/20
Return to LGA 12/24

TIP:                     Don’t forget the Telluride Air Concierge when inside 14 Days advance purchase!  1-866-850-5286
The Telluride Air Concierge has access to private wholesale rates that don’t require the 14 or 21 Day Advance purchase and now when some of our early season air dates are inside this advance purchase,  the wholesale rate can be less costly to your guests than the public retail rates.

      Below are some examples:                                                                                                                                                     Private/Wholesale Rate:              Public/Retail Rate:              Savings p/Ticket

     From Atlanta                       Leave 12/20            Return 12/26                      $399                                                  $561                                      $162

     From Atlanta                       Leave 12/24            Return 12/29                      $399                                                  $561                                      $162
     From Atlanta                       Leave 12/29            Return 1/3                           $629                                                  $802                                      $173

TIP2:                          For Late bookers who have to come regardless of price don’t forget to ask about First Class. Sometimes its only alittle bit more than coach class and when you factor baggage fees etc…it can be less. See Below for Example:

     From Houston                     Leave 12/23            Return 12/30                      Coach = $800  First Class = $1192
     From Dallas                          Leave 12/25            Return 1/1                           Coach =$1241         First Class = $1549

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