American Airlines South America and Mexico 10% Discount – Limited Time – Telluride Flights

South America & Mexico 10% Discount!

Limited Time Special on American Airlines! 


Special South America & Mexico Discount on Flights to Montrose (MTJ)/Telluride – 10% Off

We pursued this Discount Rate for our special International Passengers and Locals!  Book on 
Note: Limited Time Discount thru November 30, 2011

 The Details:

  •          Scope:                       For travel from CL/AR/BR/UY/MX                                       (Chile/Argentina/Brazil/Uruguay/Mexico)
  •          Fare amount:             10% OFF
  •          Discount code:           SIERTS            
  •          Travel Period:            25DEC11 – 04FEB12
  •          Ticketing period:      NOW – 30NOV11        
  •          Blackout:                    29-31DEC / 01JAN-08JAN
  •          AP:                            7AP
  •          MIN:                          4NIGHTS
  •          Max:                          30DAYS

Example of the Sale:
Leave GRU 1/10/12 to MTJ Return to GRU 1/18/12

Regular Price:           $1949 + $107.10 tax = $2056.10 total fare

         Discount Price:         $1754 + $107.10 tax = $1861.10 total fare          

Locals: This Special Also works for originating your trip in the US before flying out to South America/Mexico…just use the SIERTS discount code on during the applicable period!

General Air Travel TIP:

to locate good travel date combinations to help your guests book air into the destination. Using the +/- 3 day feature can help you zero in on the best value air travel options.

Don’t Forget:
Telluride Air Concierge is also available for inbound guests who are also booking lodging and they have access to private wholesale rates in addition to public retail rates…often the wholesale rates provide savings to your guests and can mean the difference between closing the booking or not.
Telluride Air Concierge – 1-888-605-2578

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