Telluride Bluegrass Festival – 2011 – Barricade Pass Information

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Coming to Telluride this summer for the 38th annual Telluride Bluegrass Festival?

Here’s information on the Parking Barricade Passes you’ll need once you enter town to avoid being towed or worse. It’s been said the Telluride Marshal’s will also take your first born. Don’t let either of these things befall you while visiting our amazing little town in the mountains 🙂  READ UP…


*Businesses & Accommodations/Property Management – You will receive your order forms either through email or regular mail in the beginning of May.

Business barricade form coming soon

Accomodations/Property Management barricade form coming soon

*Home Owners IN the Town of Telluride- You will receive 2 passes via standard mail sent to the address where you receive your water bill around mid-May.

Parking regulations for the 2011 Bluegrass Festival will be in effect from Wednesday, June 15th through Sunday, June 19th. There will be a barricade set up near the town entrance starting at 10:00am on the 15th. Only the following vehicles will be allowed through the barricade:
· Commercial Vehicles
· Vehicles displaying a San Miguel County Seal windshield sticker **
· Vehicles displaying O, W, or G Permits
· Vehicles displaying Center Lane permits
· Vehicles displaying a 3 hour Temporary Pass
** PLEASE NOTE: The County Windshield stickers are not transferrable and vehicles displaying this sticker that are not lawfully registered in San Miguel County are subject to ticketing and impoundment**
*Any other vehicles parked on TOWN streets will be subject to towing. (T.M.C. 8-2-40)
*Parking meter regulations will be enforced.
* O, W, and G permit zones will be exempted during the festival.
* Bus/Shuttle/Gondola service will be available on a regular basis.
* 3 hour TEMPORARY passes will be issued at the barricade for those
coming into town for shopping/errands, etc.
* Vehicles displaying a handicapped access pass will be allowed through the
barricade. Please be aware that handicapped parking is limited, and is on a
first come, first served basis.


I am visiting for the festival and will be staying in a rented condo/house in town. How do I get a pass?
You must contact the property management/rental company/owner for your passes.

I work in town, but I live out of the county, how do I get a pass?
Check with your employer, they should receive an order form from us in the beginning of May. Be sure to submit a copy of your out of San Miguel County registration to your employer, otherwise your pass request will be denied. IF your employer does not receive an order form, or chooses not to use one, you must bring a copy of your out of county registration, a copy of a RECENT paystub, and photo ID (names must match on all 3).

I rent/live in the town of Telluride but my car is not registered here, how do I get a pass?
You may get a pass, but you must prove that you reside in town. You must show us a utility bill or a lease/rental agreement that matches your photo ID along with an out of state vehicle registration.

I live in Shandoka, how do I get a pass?
If you are currently on a lease at Shandoka you may pick up your pass at the Shandoka offices. You may be asked to show your photo ID. You are entitled to 1 pass. Only the names on the lease will be able to receive a pass.

I am coming for the festival from out of town, but would like to park in town. Can I get a pass?
Unfortunately we cannot issue you a pass. The purpose of the barricade is to keep the traffic down in town as much as possible as it gets VERY crowded. There are parking lots established outside of town with shuttle/bus/gondola service into town on a regular basis. On your way into town, look for signs directing you to these lots.

I own/rent property outside of town and my car is not registered in the county. I will need to come into town for errands; groceries, mail etc… Can I get a pass?
You may be issued a 3 hour TEMPORARY permit at the barricade to run errands.

I am coming into town for the festival and will be staying with friends/family. Can I get a pass?
Each property owner in the town of Telluride that pays a water bill will receive 2 passes in the mail. You may ask your friends/family if they will allow you to use one of their passes (Please note, pass must be stuck to the inside of your windshield). If they have parking available on private property, you will be fine to park there. Be sure not to park on the street or public areas though, otherwise you will be ticketed/towed.

For any further questions/information related to BARRICADE PASSES, please contact:

[email protected] or