Summer Fares Private Wholesale and Retail Public Fares!

Sometimes Private Wholesale Fares are the best rates and sometimes Public Retail Fares are the best…in these times especially we recommend booking through the Telluride Air Concierge 1-866-850-5286 who has access to both public and private airfares.

Last Note: While summer shifts to where the majority drive to Telluride (In winter flying guests are prominent) one thing that’s important to note is that

Flying guests stay on average over 6 nights in the region while driving guests are closer to 4 nights. This is 50% LONGER! We have a tourism based economy in our region and nothing drives the economy more than inbound guest spending…the longer they are here the more they spend and the stronger our economy is. Selling more air helps strengthen our local economy!

 Sample Markets and Rates       Public-Retail           Private-Wholesale

Dallas                                                 $369                          $319
Chicago                                             $504                          $455

Houston                                            $348                          $410
NYC – LGA                                        $548                          $488
NYC – EWR                                       $351                          $390
Boston                                               $473                          $488
Philadelphia                                     $499                          $441
Washington National                    $504                          $487
Tampa                                               $473                          $483
Orlando                                            $473                          $486
Indianapolis                                     $412                          $410

 Don’t forget that Gas is almost $4 per gallon which negatively impacts the cost of the Drive option…why not FLY and stay longer in Telluride!

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