Latest Airfare Deals, Info and Travel Tips – (MTJ) and (TEX)

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Marketing Note: We will have a decent push in Dallas coming up next week and a lot of the best sales opportunities are for Monday/Tuesday arrivals (A higher % of seats available on

These days of the week…This is the same situation with most other airlines/markets as well) we are recommending properties that have some good fill-in opportunities to look at putting together some specials and notify MTI as well about these. A Sunday-Tuesday arrival special would match well with air seat availability or looking at March 21 and later arrivals…this is the other period where we have some good air seat Fill-in opportunities. I believe American Airlines will be coming through with a sale so keep your eyes open for this and we’ll be getting out info as it occurs if they do offer a sale.

Note: In general the last couple of weeks Continental has had a Saturday / Tuesday quick special that has come up for Houston…ie…it’s a close-in to travel special for specific

travel days…this has been a $179 rate which is terrific and can help fill-in bookings close-in…If you are active in Twitter specials like this are good to use twitter or even
Facebook to get out…I’ve heard some properties have generated some close-in Flying in guest bookings based on these specials…I’ll keep my eye out for them and continue
to forward these as I see them. Note that the best place to get the absolute lowest price if they offer this special is on the airlines own web site.

Note: We’re also seeing some short-term specials that cover a wider period of air travel dates…Presently Continental has a Houston special for as low as $259 that has to be

Purchased by Midnight Tonight…again we’ll try to get these out as we see them so that you can use the air to try to help spur some bookings. If you haven’t yet…we recommend advising

Past guests and/or put up on Facebook and/or get out via Twitter. In addition to Houston…The New York City Area via flights from Newark on Continental are running from $279 if booked by
Midnight Tonight

General Air Pricing Trend:

The airlines know that generally from Mid-February thru March is a peak time for ski markets…combined with the fact that fuel costs have gone up recently Airfares into Most Ski

Markets are higher now than they were earlier in the season (It’s not just us…we’re competitive in most instances with our ski competitors)…Based on this below are a few tips for helping your guests get the best rates and closing sales with them:

Air Deal Tips:
1) Utilize the Telluride Air Concierge 1-866-850-5286…They have access to both public retail rates and negotiated private wholesale rates and can insure your guests are getting the best
air deals. All you need to do is refer the guest to this phone number and they will query the guest for their travel parameters to help find the best deal. This is the only
source for wholesale rates with United, American, Delta, USAirways to/from Montrose/Telluride Airports.  {See sample key Market Private Negotiated Wholesale Starting Rates Below}

2) Keep an eye out for the above mentioned Short-Term and/or Close-in to Travel booking specials…A lot of incremental bookings can be grabbed by properties that are swift in using
this information ie…twitter…facebook…eblasts to past guests etc…again…I’ve talked with a few lodging properties who are doing very well in stimulating some bookings by piggybacking
these short-term and/or close-in air specials with lodging deals.

3) Suggest guests inquire about fares on or…With the guest may not know the carrier or flight times before purchase…but if they are looking to travel and/or
are flexible with their flight dates… can sometimes come in with a great deal…particularly for closer-in travel. allows the guest to bid a price for their airfare…again…they
will typically not know their airline or flight times upfront but if they are flexible with these conditions they can often bid a price that will be accepted and therefore be able to fly-in at a price of their

4) Don’t Forget to offer our UNMATCHED FIRST CLASS AIRFARES…there are many benefits to first class including free baggage (Can save your guest $60+ each), priority check-in, priority boarding, at
some airports priority security line…up to 150% of frequent flyer mile accrual, bigger and more comfortable seat, free drinks and sometime free meals and more…Often these first class rates are
just twice the lowest coach rates (Prior to our working with the airlines they were as much as 4x or 5x the lowest coach rates) and often half the cost from the same market in first class to Aspen,
Vail and other ski competitors.
5) Book into the Telluride Airport! In many instances now the Telluride Airport Public Fares are better than the Montrose Airport Public fares…Also note that one of the USAirways flights gets in
early enough where guests can be skiing by 12:30p!

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Sample Negotiated Private Wholesale Rates: (Only valid with a hotel booking)

Dallas Ft. Worth                $295                       Houston               $305                       Newark                $350                       Atlanta                 $349                       Chicago                $315

Los Angeles                        $347                       Phoenix(TEX)     $272                       Denver                 $210                       Tampa                  $361                       Orlando                $394
Miami                                   $331                       Boston                  $347                       Austin                   $347                       San Diego(TEX)  $323                              San Francisco     $343


Note: In almost all cases the Public Retail Rates are higher at this time…

Note: Fares can change frequently and are based on dates of travel and seat availability at time of purchase. Other restrictions may apply and depending on where you book a booking fee may apply


Quick Note on Summer 2011 Air Service:
American Airlines Dallas – We are contracted and will have 2X Daily Service…this will open up more markets including more international particularly in Mexico/South America in Summer

Flights should make this weekends load and be in the reservations system.
Continental Airlines Houston – We have committed to service this summer 1X daily…Continental is waiting on their express carrier to confirm operational abilities of a new aircraft type for
our Houston to Montrose route which is a better aircraft for us…Once this is confirmed I’ll advise on expected loading…if it is not confirmed we will have the option
to continue service with the 50 seat RJ we have had serve this route…(The new aircraft would be about 70 seats)…We should have resolved in the next couple of weeks