Latest Telluride (TEX) and Montrose (MTJ) Airfare Information

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FYI…we will be having a significant marketing effort go into the Dallas/Texas Markets in a few days…this is on top of recent efforts in Houston/Chicago/Atlanta and Phoenix which should
also be pushing call volumes now. Based on air sales trending I wanted to point something out…despite fewer available seats Inbound on Mondays and Tuesdays  on a % of flight seats available
basis these days by far represent the best opportunity for bringing guests in
. Below is a chart showing the remaining capacity/available seats, seats sold and remaining seats to sell based on from
tomorrow 2/16/11 to 4/5/11 by day of week inbound. Clearly as it has for most of the season…Mon/Tue arrivals are lagging and therefore provide the best opportunity for capturing guests…especially value oriented guests if you have some deals tailored to these arrival dates.

With the above air trend in mind we’re looking to put out a good lure package rate in the Dallas market as part of our upcoming advertising push…ie…a good value lead rate that spurs call volumes

from which to sell this package and/or upsell to other package deals…ie…because of lower air rates on Mondays/Tuesdays this will form the basis of the lure package rates from which we’ll either sell
this lure package or look to upsell to other days of the week or other packages. As normal with TMRAO funded marketing the call to action will be MTI (Although many people just remember Telluride and Call various booking fulfillment options).We’re hoping for a big response and therefore wanted you to be aware of the upcoming effort so that you can review your offers via MTI in regards to
capturing your share of the business.
If your soft on Monday/Tuesday arrivals and/or after March 21st arrivals like the air sales are at this time…you may want to put together a good package that you can sell directly or via MTI to take advantage of the hoped for inbound call volume in order to close strong with your lodging property.

Note: When load factor gets above 60% there tend to be fewer seats available at the lowest starting rates and fares increase (Just another reason that Monday/Tuesday arrivals provide more sales opportunities for the rest of the season…)

Capacity Booked Remaining Seats LF%
Mon 2460 982 1478 39.92%
Tue 2109 821 1288 38.93%
Wed 2109 1193 916 56.57%
Thur 2650 1625 1025 61.32%
Fri 2650 1579 1071 59.58%
Sat 8024 5584 2440 69.59%
Sun 3779 2127 1652 56.28%

NOTE2: Presently there are negotiated wholesale rates from Dallas and other Texas Cities to Montrose with a starting rate a bit below $300 (Lowest Public Retail rates are showing at about $375 from Dallas)

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