Latest Telluride (tex) and Montrose (mtj) Air Deals

Despite higher retail public fares (Don’t forget that we have some low negotiated wholesale fares via the Telluride Air Concierge) we gained year over year. Actions we took that helped our bookings included getting reduction in Advance purchase requirements from some of the airlines to help keep pace in January and drive some catch-up in February. The following fare actions we helped initiate are taking place for travel thru Feb 13, 2011 in most cases:

American:           Lowered Dallas and Chicago non-stop fares and reduced advance purchase to just 3 Days in these specific markets.
Dallas from: $298              Chicago from: $348  (Base rate before taxes)      NOTE: These sale rates expire after Friday Jan 14, 2011!

Continental: Reduced advance purchase to just 7 Days for Houston market
Houston from: $280 (Base Rate before taxes)     NOTE: Must be booked by Feb 6, 2011 and other restrictions may apply

United:                 Reduced fares in many markets…reduced advance purchase   NOTE: No expiration date noted so could be pulled at any time!
Sample Fares:    Chicago from $319

Delta:                    NO lowering of Advance Purchase but they did lower Atlanta to $320 Base Fare before taxes

USAirways:         Many markets showing low fares with only 7 Day advance purchase:  NOTE Flights into Telluride Airport and these rates are not a sale rate!
Phoenix $259     Houston $229    Austin $272         San Antonio $280             Las Vegas $290                  Los Angeles $310       San Diego $310

NOTE: From all markets above on most days guests can fly out to Telluride that morning and be skiing by Noon!

Trends of Note:
1) February is behind a bit on booking pace but gaining…Let’s keep the pedal on the floor and continue this gaining trend.
2) The month of March as a whole is well ahead of last year’s pace and increasing its lead over last year.
3) The last two weeks of the season (Last week of March/First week of April) are behind in booking pace year over year so we may want to
look at our efforts in filling in these two weeks in the coming weeks.

Don’t Forget: UNMATCHED FIRST CLASS AIRFARES! – with First Class Rates as low as: $674 from Houston (About twice the lowest Coach Rate) this is a great
value for higher-end guests in particular when you factor in that this includes bag charges and the other perks of flying first class in the front of
the plane!

Where should you start looking for air?! The Telluride Air Concierge!     1-866-850-5286

Even with Reduction of many advance purchase requirements to our non-stop cities most of our guests
will originate their flight in another city…the negotiated wholesale rates that the air concierge can
provide can often be the best deal for the guest.