Tips for flying into Montrose (MTJ) and Telluride (TEX)

1) USE the Air Concierge…with as little as 7 days advance notice you can get your guests access to negotiated wholesale rates that can often be $100+ less
than the available retail rates (Inside 21 and/or 14 days to arrival retail rates tend to Increase in cost).  1-866-850-5286 Air Concierge

2) USAirways has a 14 day advance purchase and their fares into TEX are as low as $252 from Phoenix

3) If guests are not choosing on flight times or air carriers or can also help them get lower fares than retail!

4) Don’t forget the UNMATCHED First Class Airfares on American/Continental/Delta and United! As low as $638 from Houston and most other markets also
have greatly discounted first class fares (Pending availability at time of booking). These UNMATCHED FIRST CLASS FARES are often $1000+ less than from
the same market to Vail, Aspen etc