Don’t Forget Air Concierge…Still Some Holiday Period Deals New Years Week!

New Years Week Flights Still Available

From as Low as: $288*

Use the Air Concierge!

*Hotel must be booked to qualify for wholesale negotiated rates

Sample Fares using January 1st Inbound return January 8th as of 12/20/10 919am
Air Concierge             Online or Via Airline
New York City            $347                            $458
Chicago                       $288                            $523
Dallas Ft. Worth         $299                            $354
Washington D.C.        $362                            $362
Philadelphia               $347                            $413
Boston                        $331                            $507
Tampa                         $507                            $541
Los Angeles                $317                            $677
San Francisco             $380                            $654
Newark                       $343                            $505

NOTE: Fares can change based on availability at time of purchase and other conditions/restrictions

Also…Good Rates Still available on USAirways around New Years…Below are some Fare Situations found on USAirways to Telluride Airport:
Phoenix          From: $238 base plus tax (Jan 2nd Inbound)
San Diego       From: $268 base plus tax (Jan 3rd Inbound)
Tucson            From: $238 base plus tax (Jan 2nd Inbound)
Yuma               From: $278 base plus tax (Jan 2nd Inbound)
Austin, TX       From: $291 base plus tax (Jan 1st Inbound)

San Antonio   From: $311 base plus tax (Jan 1st Inbound)

Recommend you use the fare finder tool that shows multiple dates on the www.usairways web site and/or the air concierge to get the best available rates.