HOT…USAir has Sale Rates to TEX From Phoenix as low as $198+ Tax!

NEED ASSISTANCE BOOKING YOUR FLIGHT?  Call the Telluride/Montrose Air Concierge @ 866-850-5286

HOT:  USAirways has entered some lower rates…particularly for Arizona and Southern California Rates are as low as $198. Los Angeles to TEX is as low as $268 + Tax….Good time to alert your clients about this!

UNMATCHED FIRST CLASS FARES AS LOW AS $638! We’ve been doing a good job of advising guests of this terrific value and we’ve seen 700 more first class seats sold vs. last year this date! This means an additional $225k+ in revenue to go against the flight costs which can help us minimize our guarantee costs. Let’s see if we can double this figure over last year (1400+ more first class seats sold). By advising of this opportunity we also are providing for many of our guests an opportunity to have a better flight experience at a great value! Remember…our first class fares are half of what they are to Aspen/Vail in many instances!

LAXMTJ $814      LAXASE $1954    LAXEGE $1886    LAXJAC $1686

All our Montrose Airlines have these UNMATCHED FIRST CLASS AIRFARES!  American/Continental/Delta/United!

Air Concierge: For guests we have some negotiated wholesale rates that are sometimes better than the rate the guest can get themselves…This is particularly true inside of 21 days to arrival. Our Air Concierge was in town this week training many of the lodging properties and noted that just the other day he had a situation where a guest was inside 21 days advance purchase and the retail publicly available rate for travel from Atlanta on 12/21 return 12/28 was $925…because the non-stop flight at the time was not that full the Air Concierge service had negotiated wholesale rates available at $560…Being able to book

at this rate was able to secure the guest to come to Telluride when they would have not booked at the $925 rate.

If you have a guest that is looking to come to Telluride by air who is or will be booking lodging (Lodging is required for the wholesale rates) you should call or have the guest call the Air Concierge Desk – 1-866-850-5286. They will need to provide proof of the lodging package but pending availability they could have access to lower wholesale rates that could mean the difference between their making the trip or their staying home or…heaven forbid…going to another resort!

*Note: If the flight is 95% full the wholesale inventory for a low rate will likely not be available but the air concierge can check a variety of dates and is a trained professional and good at finding dates with better airfare if there are some available around the dates your guest is looking to travel. I checked yesterday and I still saw some holiday date connections where the wholesale rate is coming in at the High $300’s and $400’s from some locations to Telluride! It may not be too late to book more Holiday…especially that first week of January at a decent fare!