Why 14 and 21 Mean Something With Airfares!

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21 Days from Today is:                  December 20th
14 Days from Today is:                  December 13th

One of the triggers airlines have for increasing airfares is “How many days in advance of your trip have you purchased your air ticket!”

While there are still some spot days for good airline seat availability…and therefore often some good airfares…you need to remember this 21/14 rule!

For example…Seat availability to Montrose from Atlanta is good on December 16th returning December 23rd and would normally get you a fare in the $350 Range. Because we’re inside 21 days of the departure flight those dates are producing a fare of: $632!     Why?    No 21 Days advance for the purchase!

14 Days advance can often also produce good fares depending on the airline so it’s important to remember the 21/14 rule when planning your trip…IF…you want to get good airfare bargains.

What If your guest is inside the 21/14 advance purchase rule? What options for them?

There are actually two options:

1) Blind booking sites like www.hotwire.com can sometimes offer lower fares. You won’t know your flight times, airlines or flights until you actually are committed to a purchase but the Atlanta to Montrose example for the same Dec 16 to Dec 23 dates above came out to $415 on Hotwire when I checked. www.priceline.com is a bidding site where the guest bids a price for their tickets and can sometimes find lower fares then booking direct
with the airline when inside the 21/14 advance purchase period. Again, you won’t know your flight times, airlines or flight numbers until you commit
to a purchase but flexible travelers can save $’s

2) Guest who book a hotel and air package (Minimum of 2 nights hotel) can often get a wholesale air rate to package with this. The Telluride Air Concierge can assist with these bookings and guests will need to have their confirmation information handy to take advantage of this. 888-451-9527 is the Telluride Air Concierge Phone Number. A check on the wholesale rate for Atlanta showed $390 which sure beats the $632 available on a retail basis! Note: Wholesale rates have a 2 or 3 Day minimum advance purchase requirement so while they still are also based on how full the flight is, you can sometimes still get a very good airfare inside the 21/14 day advance purchase by booking wholesale!

Hope this helps with your or your guests close-in search for air over the holiday period!