Upgrade To 130 Volt Light Bulbs – Info For Telluride Homeowners

by Levi Silva – COO, Latitude 38 Vacation Rentals – 970-728-8838 – [email protected]

In 2003 I conducted an energy study for the hotel I was General Manager of at the time.  The project was to convert all standard incandescent light bulbs over to CFL’s (compact fluorescents).  The payoff was to be that we would realize 15% decrease in our overall energy consumption, which you can imagine would save a significant amount of money in utilities over time.
Compact fluorescent bulbs come in various wattages and lumens so that you can achieve a similar lighting effect and lighting color as the warm colors you get with standard clear and frosted incandescent bulbs.

We installed all the new lighting and realized over a 17% decrease in energy consumption year to date from the time we made the switch.  Our occupancy had gone up 8% over that time and we were still seeing a decrease in energy consumption.
That’s was the good part.

Conversely compact fluorescent bulbs are significantly more expensive (10-12 times more expensive).  The company through whom we ordered the bulbs warrantied the bulbs for a twelve month period, so any bulbs that burnt out were collected and sent back for warranty.
We had a box in my office  where housekeeping would put the bulbs that burnt out.  We started to notice that we were returning a case of bulbs to the lighting company every 2 months.  The lighting company noticed this also and said they could no longer warranty the compact fluorescents we had invested in.

I learned that Telluride can experience several power spikes which exceed 120 Volts in a day.  120 Volt incandescent bulbs and cfl’s which are only manufactured in 120 volt cannot sustain the spikes and surges in power and therefore blow out.

130 volt bulbs are slightly more expensive, but we’re talking cents in difference to standard incandescents and vs compact fluorescents which can cost as much as 10 times as much as 130 volt incandescent bulbs!

Now, as we go through homes we manage, we install 130 volt incandescent bulbs where applicable.

I hope you find this information helpful.  Comments and questions regarding this are welcome: [email protected]