Do Vacation Homes Need Landlines or Telephones?

What do you think?  With the age of cell phones do you think vacation homes should be required to have landlines?

I know at my personal home we’ve let go of the hard line into the house, and use our cell phones.  We had a land line for over a year and the only use it served was so that our TIVO box could update the programming calendar for watching t.v…  The basic service for a phone line with all additional taxes was costing us $25.00 monthly – that’s $300.00 annually, which is a lot of money.

Are landline telephones soon to be something of the past?

I want to be able to level with our owners and give them feedback which we can generate with this post.
Should we require owners to offer this service to guests?  Are we able to give our owners the option as to whether to or not offer this service based on their personal opinion?

Please give us your thoughts and opinions on this and thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

Best regards,

The Latitude 38 Vacation Rentals Staff & Management