Local Business Mention: Circle A Gardens – 970-249-9725

Farm Address:
Circle A Garden
20341 Pahgre Road
Montrose, CO

About two years ago I started hearing about csa’s (Community Shared Agriculture) in Norwood and Montrose. These local farms grow organic fruits and vegetables and typically you need a membership to take advantage. As we became aware of the subculture or maybe better said “minority” of people in our town that participate in these programs we decided to learn more and see if it would work for our family of four.
When we first started we were a little overwhelmed by the amount of fresh veggies that came into our hands. The only question was -“how are we going to eat all of this in one week?”
But as any great learning process goes, it took us awhile to really make the adjustment to our eating habits to incorporate all those fresh veggies into our diet.
After one year we as a family have completely transformed our menus and have significantly increased the amounts of greens which we consume. The dietary benefit has been more fibre and lighter meals, which by no means compromise the satisfaction of the meal, but with such diversity to choose from really enhance the dining experience. Plus, it gives us a base of ingredients to work with and then google recipe ideas that contain those ingredients. So we’ve gotten to add several new dishes to our list of “go to” meals.
Growing in harmony with nature
This week we’re starting our second year of getting a weekly supply of fresh, organic and seasonal fruits and vegetables from Circle A Gardens, located just south of montrose. There are five families in our group from Telluride, so we take turns every five weeks making the jaunt to Montrose to pick up our week long stock and that of the other five families.
All in all this has been an exceptional experience and much needed change in our mentality.
The savings vs shopping in the local Telluride Markets is enormous, there’s just no competing on quality, freshness and price.

Locals Tip: Last year my wife took our daughter to Circle A Gardens to volunteer time on the farm. The project for the day was planting onions. Yes, they did plant onions. Then Betsy, one of the owners took the kids on a tractor ride around the farm. Our daughter still talks about it and is looking forward to go back and help plant this year.  I’m looking forward to going with my wife and two daughters this year.

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