Local Business Tip: Motion Back & Body Center – 970-708-0224

Dr. Kristyn Shumway
Motion Back & Body Center

Located in the Town of Telluride on the corner of Colorado Avenue & Aspen.
On the second floor in Suite #2E in the Pedersen Building 398 W. Colorado Ave.

When I was 18 I suffered a broken neck as a result of one of my friends trying to dunk me in a pool, he jumped up and pushed down on my head; I didn’t want to get dunked, so I pushed back up. CRUNCH!  I wouldn’t know for nearly eight years, but I had actually broken three vertebrae.  What I did know was the meaning of constant discomfort.  Something if you’ve lived with, you wouldn’t wish on anyone.  This year I found myself  living with symptoms which I’ve become accustomed to.  Not sleeping well, shrugging, trying  all day long to get relief which never came.  On my way home from work in January I saw the sign for Motion Back & Body Center.  I called and made my first appointment with Dr. Kristyn Shumway.  It’s been over 2 and a half months and I’m now seeing her for bi weekly treatments.  But I’m a different person.  My focus, my mood, my rest are coming back.
Now, that’s a relief!

So whether you’re a local or one of our guests you can count on Dr. Shumway.

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